Old Adhesive Sanding Discs

old adhesive sandpaper disc

Old adhesive can lose it’s stickiness and so it’s ability to hold on a sanding disc, this is a quick way to revive those old adhesive sanding discs and make them workable again.

I ordered some adhesive sanding discs from RDG tools and they kindly phoned me up to say they could not deliver the item as they realised that the glue was no longer working. This made me think about the existing packs of discs that I have in the workshop for my disc sander. Checking and yes they had lost their stick.

heating the glue on an Old Adhesive Sanding Discs with a hot air gun

Heat Gun

When using the sanding discs they can get too hot and then move on the rotating disc.

Also, when removing old discs it is best to heat the disc up. For this I use an off-cut of hardwood and sand it.

The glue softens with heat and so if you remove the protective pad from a new disc, heat it with a hot air gun it becomes sticky.

Be careful, apply the heat slowly and evenly. Do not touch the hot glue as it will stick and burn.

editors experience

Whilst the disc is still hot you can place it on the backing disc of the sander and firmly push into place over the whole area.

sanding disc

This means that I now have a use for all of my old adhesive sanding discs.

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