Proxxon DS230/e Fretsaw

The Proxxon DS230/e Fretsaw is a light small fretsaw that works very effectively and is easy to use at any level.


  • Machined worktable of die-cast aluminium, 160 x 160mm.
  • ABS plastic body with side sliding panel for removal of saw dust.
  • VDE approved 220/240V motor (85W) for prolonged, low noise performance.
  • Quiet, wear-resistant toothed belt drive running in a ball bearing.
  • Electronically controllable stroke rate from approx. 150 – 2,500/min.
  • Adjustable fence and mitre stop with scale.

My only slight criticism is that it is a touch light and so either needs to be placed on a rubber mat or bolted to something to stop it sliding around.

At first I thought the fence was a tad silly, but it really does work. Although you cannot get as crisp a cut as a circular saw (eg Proxxon KS 230) this would make it a good first all round saw for most people.

I used it to cut out the curved platform for one of my engine projects (Wood & Metal Beam Engine).

Overall this is a well designed and put together machine that would make a great starter saw for a model maker.

I’m not sure how well this would stand up to a more demanding fretsaw use, but the machine is easy to use and it’s not intimidating in anyway to setup and have a play with.

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