Starters Toolbox

For a while I’ve been wondering what you need in a basic starting toolbox:

  • Drill – a small electric drill is probably best, but a hand drill would be good as well
  • Drill bits – a set of 1 to 10mm twist drill bits and a 6mm masonry bit
  • Hammer
    • Small tack/panel hammer
    • Claw Hammer
  • Knife – I think we all need a Stanley knife: robust but simple at the same time.
  • Level – a basic spirit level so that you get the shelves straight
  • Pliers – I bought and reviewed some Draper general purpose pliers – a robust starter.
  • Ruler – a 12″ or 300mm steel ruler is best as it can be used as a straight edge to cut up to or as a measuring device
  • Saw
    • Junior hacksaw
    • Small woodsaw
  • Screwdrivers – flat and cross-bit
  • Spanner – to start with an adjustable spanner will cover the basics, the old fashioned adjustable KingDick brand is a great starter.
  • Square – a general purpose woodworking square or a large engineers square, when you’re starting out you want a square around 6 to 8″

I know I’ve missed stuff so please do send me a note of adds/deletes and specific makes of tool that are best.

You will also need a toolbox and there are lots of options:

  • Large tuppaware box
  • Homemade wooden box – lots of ideas on pinterest
  • Trusco Toolbox – the Rolls-Royce of toolboxes