Dave Taylor Gallery

A page to list the models and model making exploits of Dave. Mostly model aircraft and more often than not radio controlled. There are however a few other items mixed in for fun.

Dream Flight Alula

The Alula from Dream Flight is easy to put together. Plus, probably the most fun you can have hand-launching a glider.

So good in fact that I ended up making a second Alula, this time though I kept to the instructions.

glider towing

Radio Controlled Aerotowing

Dave and friends have mastered the art of radio controlled aerotowing. This is a gentle tow that looks very much like a scale aerotow.

trip to the lake

Trip to the Lake

I was the first to fly (brave or stupid!). After a few short taxi trials, creating some ripples on the other wise still water.

The model was lined up in to what little breeze there was and take off was called.

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