Alfa Model F86 Sabre

A review of the Alfa Model F86 Sabre by Dave Taylor.


  • length: 29-¾ inch
  • max. weight: 16.9 oz
  • wing area: 201.5 sq. inch
  • controls: elevator, ailerons, motor
  • wing span: 29-½ inch

The Kit

Foam with balsa comes with ducted fan but no motor.

I powered mine with a motor from 4-max models and overlander 3s 2200mAh 25C lipos.

The kit went together well I used 2 hitec 55 micro servos. The thing that I did find was that I needed to make sure the ends of the control runs were pulled tight and anchored at both ends to ensure that you do not get any slop in the controls.


There is no added weight but with the lipo on board the CoG is within limits but the model is a little nose heavy but this has its good points as I have flown in quite strong winds when other ducted edfs have stayed on the ground.

F86 Sabre RC model

Since finishing this F86 it has been flown a lot in all types of weather the aircraft doesn′t seem to show too many vices, it hand launches well with around 4 clicks of up trim then removing this after launch it grooves through the air well & holds any heading.

F86 Sabre model plane

I get about 8 mins of flight time.

Different Colour Schemes

  • The Huff – Lt. James L.Thompson
  • U.S. Air Force – Lt. Henry “Hank” Buttelmann
  • MiG Mad Marine – Maj. John Glenn
  • Little Rita – Lt. Dick Geiger
  • Mike′s Bird – Capt. Charles McSwain

All of these stunning images were taken by: Andrew Goldsmith

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  1. Hi, I am just resurrecting my old Alfa Sabre. Do you have the control throws from the manual you could send me?

    Looking forward to getting it flying again.




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