Gas Engine based on a Joe Webster Design

Engine build and author: Dick Barnes

Build of a Gas Engine based on a Joe Webster design. The original plans came via the internet as a free download from Joe Webster in the U.S.A. It appealed to me due to it being a bit different to a lot of other engines on show.

joe webster gas engine

It was made from offcuts and bits and pieces I had kicking around at the time. I used Joes plans as a starting point and did what I thought best as I progressed through the build.

joe webster gas engine

The carburator is of my own design, and thankfully it works fine, the coil and condenser are from a six volt B.S.A. motorcycle system.

The engine runs very well.

Viewing the engine from the crankshaft end the simplicity of the design is clear.

joe webster gas engine

Plans for this Joe Webster engine are available online. This gas engine based on a Joe Webster Design can be built from scrap material that can be found around most model engineer’s workshops.


Fizgig Stirling Engine

A lovely simple stirling engine based on a design that is freely available online. Again, built by Dick Barnes.

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