Model Engine Transistor Ignition

For a while I have been looking around at model engine transistor ignition systems. Wondering what to buy or even just build from a circuit design. The I saw the kit that is available from (this is actually: The ignition systems and parts are actually on their sister site:

I bought a complete kit of parts, including battery box, electronic circuit kit, hall sensor, HT coil and a spark plug. This cost me approximately £85 with delivery to the UK, sounds like quite a lot, but this compares well with kits you can buy in the UK.

Complete Ignition Kit

There are not actually that many parts in the complete ignition kit.

The instructions for this kit come as a pdf download and they consist of just two pages. The instructions are very thorough. They also include care points and warnings.

I went for a hall effect sensor, this can be seen top left in the image along with a magnet. The magnet is taped to a piece of paper that carefully marks the south pole.

The only thing missing from the kit is some fine wire for the sensor cable. That should be easy to find in my electronics drawer.

I bought this model engine transistor ignition system to try on a few of my engines. However, now I have a kit of ignition bits and a number of part built engines….

crankcase and cylinder

Poppet Valve Single

The idea was to make a single cylinder 4-stroke and to make it simple with a poppet valve. Not sure my terminology is correct here, what I mean is an actuated exhaust valve and an intake valve that opens under depression in the cylinder.

engine part built

Transitional Engine

A transitional engine is a steam engine from the late 1800’s that had been converted to an internal combustion and designed to run on oil or gas.

Based on this I had better start soldering components onto the board.

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