Stefan Gasparin Gallery

We had to have a Stefan Gasparin gallery page as he is for me the number one person in the design and manufacture of CO2 engines. These are engines that use compressed CO2 as their energy source and primarily designed for indoor free-flight model aircraft.

Stefan Gasparin

Stefan has been making CO2 motors since 1972, but started making them on a commercial scale since the early 1990’s. Putting into production 60 CO2 motors makes him the expert in this field. These engines range from the micro single cylinder 1.6mm bore and 1.3mm stroke all the way up to a V12 with a 5mm bore and 4mm stroke.

Note: all images are copyright Stefan Gasparin and are kindly reproduced here with permission.

G10 Single Cylinder

Every engine that Gasparin makes is exquisite. The G10 has a bore of 2.5mm and a stroke of 2mm. This is not the smallest of the engines. This engine weighs just 4.4g and is designed to power free-flight models up to 8g.

G63L4 Four Cylinder Inline

This inline four has a bore of 4mm and a stroke of 5mm. A stunning engine and would look great in a small free-flight aeroplane. In the video you can see that this has a flywheel for use in a vintage model car.

Gasparin Inline 4 cylinder engine
How good will this look in a model car?


A V12 with 4mm bore and 5mm stroke. This is a 90° V12 that weighs just 108g and as you can see from the main photo is just 71.8mm long.

G24NN 18 cylinder 2 Row Radial

This 18 cylinder engine has a bore of 3.175mm and a stroke of 3mm and weighs just 53g

gasparin 18 cylinder radial

I have given you just an overview of these wonderful model engines, there are lots more available on Stefan Gasparin’s website. The thing is you can buy these engines. These are works of art that would look wonderful on the mantlepiece. Even better integrated into a free-flight aircraft.

I have to say that this is the most relaxed and delightful model flying hobby. You can buy model aircraft and a model engine direct from Stefan Gasparin’s website.

Hopefully this Stefan Gasparin gallery page has inspired you to get into the model making hobby.

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