Stuart Turner Models

A history dating back to 1898 and in recent years has been through a number of owners/locations.

A list of the Stuart Models:

If you have built a Stuart or have images of it in different states of build then we would love to hear from you –

No. 1

One of the most elegant vertical single cylinder engines.

The first Stuart No.1 was built by Mr Stuart Turner over 110 years ago. it is a classic design, and so beautifully proportioned, that it makes the perfect display model.

This is a substantial engine at: 13 1/2 inch high overall and a flywheel 7.25 inch in diameter. The double acting cylinder is 2 inch bore and 2 inch stroke.

The mix of casting and machined support post results in a stunning engine design.

No. 4

The number 4 engine is a real workhorse that can properly drive stuff.

The engine is 10 inches high which is impressive in it’s own right and the 5 inch diamter flywheel adds to the overall scale. You will need a substantial lathe and milling machine to easily tackle this.

The bore is 1.5 inches and the stroke is 1.25 inches and double acting makes this a powerful engine.

No. 5A

A powerful engine from which you can expect many years of dedicated performance. With a bore of 2.25 inches and a stroke of 2 inches the engine is quite capable of producing 1.5 bhp at 100 psi running at 800rpm.

No. 9

No. 10H

Double acting single cylinder horizontal engine with a 3/4” bore and 3/4” stroke.

This is a great model to start with, reasonably simple, but at the same time you need to learn how to machine a number of different materials and working to a plan.

No. 10V

This is the sister engine to the 10H and has the basic cylinder, valve and flywheel in common. Double acting single cylinder with a 3/4” bore and 3/4” stroke.

Beam Engine


Double acting two cylinder vertical engine with a 3/4” bore and 3/4” stroke.

Half Beam

James Coombes

Single cylinder double acting table engine.

Major Beam

A huge model engine.

The overall height is 18 1/4 inches. The flywheel is an imposing 13 7/8 inches in diameter.

Cylinder bore 1 3/4 inches & stroke 3 3/4 inches.

These engines run slow and smooth, but you will need a large lathe and milling machine to take this on.

Triple Expansion Engine

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