Vital Bond

Vital Bond is a thick super glue designed to be use with porous materials such as woods and for gap filling.

I tried this on some metal parts where I wanted to ensure the glue covered the whole joint and it went together very well. I put a small amount on the outside surface of the bearing and then smeared it with a piece of plastic around the surface. As I pushed the bearing in I rotated it so as to try and ensure that the surfaces were evenly coated.

My normal trick with superglue is to then breathe on the joint (remember to breathe out, not in) as this adds some moisture that will accelerate the setting of the joint.

Price: approx £3.99 for 20g – available at most local hobby shops.

The glue works very well and has been the go to instant glue in my workshop for around 6 months – not bad for the price.

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  1. I’m looking for VitalBond CA thin glue. Can you give me instructions on where I might order. I want to use on plastic model building. Thanks


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