A Tool Sellers Market

There are lots and lots of tools for sale on eBay and so I wondered just how much can be made buying tools at car-boot sales and selling them online?


So for £2 I bought a gas blow torch, little effort required other than a polish with a rag, a couple of photographs and a week later it sold for £8.01 + P&P.

So what can I buy next for £8.01?

Next item: A pair of pliers and a pair of cutters

pliers-001I bought the pair of these for £2 from a car boot fair near to Braintree, Essex. So my balance stands at £4.01 after buying these.

These are old, but a stunning quality and both have box joints.

I haven’t cleaned them as they are just lovely as they are and this reflects the quality better.

The pliers are 110mm long overall and the cutters just 80mm long. The cutters are small and very beautiful.

For quite some time I have been thinking that I should keep them as they are so lovely, but it would be good to move onwards and see what I can get to as a total.

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