History of Model Engineering

I was wondering what some of the major highlights would be in the timeline of model engineering….so I thought I would do some digging and list them out:

  • 1880’s Bing’s first model trains hit the market.
  • 1891 Märklin formalized several standards for track gauges.
  • 1898 Model Engineer magazine first published by Percival Marshall.
  • 1898 Bassett-Lowke started as a mail-order business.
  • 1906 Stuart Turner Ltd was incorporated.
  • 1924 first “LBSC” (Curly Lawrence) article serialised in Model Engineer
  • 1925 Edgar T Westbury first contributes to the pages of Model Engineer
  • 1934 Cecil Moore founded the Myford Engineering Company
  • 1936 Shigeo Ogawa set up his original machine-shop, making model steam engines. In the same year, at the suggestion of an American buyer, Paul Houghton, the 1.6 cc O.S. Type-1 miniature gasoline engine was constructed.
  • 1937 Mamod was founded in Birmingham by Geoffrey Malins.
  • 1976 The OS FS60 becomes the first volume produced model aero four-stroke.
  • 1979 Engineering in Miniature magazine first published
  • 1990 Model Engineers’ Workshop came onto the newsagents shelves for the first time

I know that I’ve missed lots of notable events and you will be screaming at the ipad and so drop me a line or comment on this page.

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