Midlands Engineering Show 2018

Another year and a visit to the Midlands Model Engineering show 2018 on the Fosse Way just outside Leamington Spa. I thought it might be nice to share some images of models and link to some of the trade stands that I visited.

The first model engine that caught my eye was this 4″ Burrell made from a kit by Peter Fairhurst.

A great finish and attractive colours.

You can find out more at: steamtractionworld.com

The only slight reservation is there appear to be just a few too many bolts around the valve chest for my liking – not sure if the number is wrong or they are slightly too big.

I will have to get a better look at the full size engine just to check whether I’m right or wrong.

This quarter scale Bentley Rotary was at the back of a club stand with the words: “Bentley Rotary Radial, quarter scale, made to Lew Blackmores drawings several years ago. Initial teething problems were seized pistons caused by piston ring grooves too shallow. Will start and run engine once a month to keep parts lubricated.”

There is something about the Bentley Rotary that is just exquisite, the exposed valves, the proportions of the crankcase to cylinders and the cooling fin spacing.

The fact that the whole engine rotates is another just brilliant design for it’s time and makes this an interesting build.

A quarter scale hoglet from a couple of angles. A 4-stroke twin V that caught my eye and made me think of an engine design that is half finished and needs to be made.

The next thing I came across were these BA spanners and whether I needed them or not I just had to part with £5 for them.


A good show, a lot of the normal trade stands that are always there year after year, but that’s ok.

The models on show are just stunning and I have to admire the hours that have gone into making them, well done to all of the exhibitors at the Midlands Engineering Show 2018.

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