CAD Software II

exploded CAD of oscillating steam engine

CAD Software II or more simply a second go at learning FreeCAD. Back in March 2019 I looked at CAD software options. I installed FreeCAD 0.17 and had a go at creating a flywheel. Then my interest fizzled out, mainly because the learning curve was too steep. However, I then had a bit more time, so … Read more

Sketches to Models to CAD

five cylinder rotary engine

I often work backwards, going from Sketches to Models to CAD. However, it works for me as it allows me to create something in the workshop. Sometimes I think this works really well and I think a good example is the five cylinder rotary engine. The only sketch I have of the engine before making … Read more

CAD Software

freecad screenshot

For some time I’ve been thinking about moving away from the drawing board and using CAD. OK, it’s 2019 and there have been a lot of perfectly good CAD packages out there for a number of years, the problem is I’ve been nervous of the amount of hours I need to put into learning how … Read more