Erbauer Drill & Impact Driver 10.8V

I first reviewed the Erbauer Drill & Impact Driver 10.8V back in September 2014. Just over 7 years on and they are still going strong. 


Drill Driver:

  • 2-Speed Variable & Reverse
  • 10mm Keyless Chuck
  • 15 Torque Settings + Drill
  • Automatic Spindle Lock

Impact Driver:

  • Variable Speed & Reverse
  • ¼” Chuck
  • All-Metal Gearbox
  • Trigger Switch


This drill/grinder has a nice weight and feel to it. The speed range is good with enough power that you’re not going to stall this easily.

Erbauer drill and impact driver

The drill, impact driver and charger are all in a light plastic carry case that has metal catches and a metal plaque with Erbauer on to make it look a bit better.

Luckily the quality of the case does not reflect on the quality of the tools inside.

Erbauer drill and impact driver

This is the first time I have used drill with an automatic spindle lock and wow, what a great feature. With the drill stopped you can just turn the chuck and spindle through just a few degrees before the spindle locks, allowing you to apply a high torque to the chuck to clamp the drill bit or to unlock.

This means no more running the drill against the torque you can apply by hand or trying to get a good hold on the thin ring on the back of the chuck to react the torque.

erbauer drill battery pack

The battery pack is neat, looks like 3 off 18650 lithium ion cells in series 3 x 3.6V = 10.8V which makes perfect sense.

The 2 speed gearbox on the drill is great as this allows great control of the speed and really high torque in low – need to just have a bit more of a play and understand what they have done here to achieve this as it works very well, but the switch is so easy to engage that it makes me wonder if this is an electronic speed control rather than a physical 2 speed gearbox.

Price: Drill/Driver approx £100.00 for the complete set from Screwfix.


Both feel to be made to a very high standard with good quality materials. The drill and driver balance really well in your hand and the torque from both devices is just amazing considering 10.8V

The spindle lock is a must have feature and this works brilliantly on the drill. A great drill and would highly recommend the set.

7 Years On

Erbauer Drill & Impact Driver 10.8V sit on brackets on the wall of my workshop so they are readily accessible. I only use these for DIY and hobby work. However, I’m not that gentle with this type of tool and they have survived very well. Both battery packs still hold charge and deliver the power. The drill is very light and easy to use even with the smallest drill bit, quite a delight. 10.8V is also more than powerful enough for most DIY jobs.

The impact driver is a brute, I’ve even used it to remove fixings in a manhole cover when a professional couldn’t budge the bolts.

You cannot buy these particular models anymore, but I would recommend you look at the latest Erbauer drills and drivers if you are in the market. Check them out at Screwfix – Erbauer

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