Warco 8″ Heavy Duty Bench Grinder

My review of this heavy duty bench grinder made by Warco.

If you have a workshop then there are 2 power tools that will form the basis: a bandsaw and a bench grinder.


This really is a heavy duty solid bench grinder that is more than capable of anything a model engineer can throw at it.


The grinder starts very smoothly and runs at 2950rpm. In the picture you can see that I only have two bolt fixings in place. I will sort this over the next couple of days, but does prove how confident I am with the machine.


The one thing to check for when buying a grinder is that it has solid tool rests. The last thing you need is for these to flex when you are trying to accurately grind the angle on a drill or lathe tool. In this area the Warco bench grinder excels itself as these are cast tool rests that are fixed with a large bolt.

This is a 950W motor with direct drive to the wheels making it reasonably quiet in operation and importantly very powerful. This grinder takes a lot to make it slow down when in use.

This grinder has been is use for years. Grinding everything from 12mm square HSS lathe tools where it is quite capable of removing large amounts of material quite rapidly. I also use this to put an edge on gardening tools when required.

The casings around the wheels are pressed steel with dust extraction at the rear.

Price: approximately £130 in 2009, £160 in 2016


Overall a solid and powerful bench grinder. You will buy this tool and it will last you a lifetime. Visit warco.co.uk for more information.

Still using this grinder 7 years later and working superbly. OK, fairly light hobby use but it still has the original wheels fitted.

lathe tool height and angles

Lathe Tools

The cutting and clearance angles of a lathe tool will be dependent on the type of material they are to be used on and the required quality of finish.

The shape of the tool in plan view is as important as all of the other angles. This shape should be set according to the material being worked.

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