Angel Eyes in the Workshop

Angel Eyes in the Workshop is a strange name, but these are the circular lights that you see most commonly on a BMW during the daytime. The reason for me buying them is to create a worklight that will sit around the chuck of the milling machine. I searched ebay and bought two sizes, 80mm and 100mm white from this company:

instructables bmw headlights

The “angel eyes” are around the circumference of the main headlights. The principle being that they are on all of the time, hence Daylight Running Lights.

Image from Instructables – “How to Convert BMW3 Series Sedan Halogen Headlight Stock Angel Eyes to LED

The LED angel eyes I bought arrived with a plastic bezel with a pattern moulded into the surface. This appears to be there to disperse the light and so I will keep this plastic part.

80mm and 100mm angel eyes
angel eyes being driven at 12V

With a simple power supply I ran some tests.

  • Power: 12.2V and 0.27A power = 3.3W
  • Minimum voltage: at 8V there is no light output
  • Maximum voltage: tested ok to 16V (note: maximum for lead acid battery is ~14.4V)

At 12V and 0.27A the light output is very significant. Also, the light is dimmable over the range of approximately 14V down to 9V.

These Angel Eyes in the Workshop now need a small transformer, will have a search of my electronics bin. They also need a mounting system that will fix them to the spindle and some sort of reflector. For the reflector I need something that will allow me to work and not get blinded by the light emitted from the side of the angel eyes.

milling machine lights on

Sieg SX2.7 Angel Eyes – or perhaps more simply how to get a great powerful light source for the milling machine.

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