Bedford Bandsaw Blades

Record BS250 Bandsaw

The Record Power BS250 had lost its edge and so I went and bought some Bedford bandsaw blades.

The BS250 bandsaw is available with a number of different makers marks on it. However, this is a good functional bandsaw for the hobbyist. I think a bandsaw is one of the most important tools in the workshop and I would struggle to live without one.

Anyway, let’s get back to the point and the review. There are definitely lots of points!

I was looking for some new blades for the bandsaw 1784mm (70.25″) in length, the previous blades from Axminster have been used and quite frankly used until they were blunt.

A quick search and up pops Bedford Saw & Tool Company, interesting and interesting prices. Also, the blades are made in the UK.

bedford bandsaw blades packaging

The blades arrived promptly and well packaged.

Each blade has a couple of ties to keep it safe and a label giving the size, number of teeth and company details. Top marks for minimal packaging. I ordered three blades as this covers what I normally use the bandsaw for:

  • 1/2″ 6tpi
  • 1/2″ 14tpi
  • 1/4″ 24tpi

The flyer made me take note of the fact that Bedford saws also stock a number of spares for these bandsaws. Based on delivery speed and overall quality of service this is worth remembering.

Immediately you notice that these blades are a thicker gauge 0.02″ (0.508mm) compared to 0.016″ (0.39mm) for the old blade.

The welds on all three blades look good and strong. In the initial testing of the 1/2″ 14tpi blade there was no hint of a jump or misalignment at the weld. All was very smooth.

welds on the 3 bandsaw blades
cutting hawthorn with the bandsaw

After some changes in the guides to account for the thicker blades and setting up the tension correctly I was ready to go.

My initial test was with the 1/2″ 14tpi blade and I cut down some hawthorn that I had lying around.

This is not the easiest of cuts as the wood is rough and quite varied in hardness. However, the blade did not jump, wobble or wander.

The resultant cut was clean, straight and consistent. What more could I ask of a bandsaw blade.

First Impressions

Only just started using one of the blades, but my first impressions are that these are a quality product.

  • Welded joints look good
  • Heavier gauge 0.02″ or 0.508mm thick
  • Fast delivery
  • Stable cutting with 1/2″ 14tpi on some difficult wood stock

Definitely a first impression of these bandsaw blades and I will extend my review as I use them more in my work. However, I would say it’s worthe checking out Bedford Saw & Tool Company.

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