Cutting Brass on a Bandsaw

Cutting brass on a bandsaw can be difficult and so I devised this simple modification to overcome two of the main issues.

Record BS250 Bandsaw

The Record Power BS250 Bandsaw is great for the small workshop. The blade size is very common and so means there are a large selection of saw blades available.

However, when cutting thin metal it moves under the gap between the table guide and the table. Also, the plastic insert around the blade is slightly recessed compared to the table.

These two issues mean it is difficult to cut brass accurately.

marking the bandsaw table

My solution was to fit an MDF board on top of the cast iron table. This would need fixing holes through the table surface.

My logic was that these holes needed to be on the area of the table outside of the cutting line.

If I’m going to drill the table on this bandsaw then I’m going to mark it out and drill it accurately.

holes drilled in the bandsaw table

The holes were drilled 4mm in diameter. Note the original table is cast iron and so you need to check where the ribs are underneath and avoid them.

When drilling cast iron take your time, I don’t use any cutting fluid with cast iron.

an mdf cutting board added to the bandsaw

The fence has to be set at the correct distance from the blade before the secondary table is added.

The secondary table is being cut as it is added.

mdf cutting board on bandsaw table

This next part can be tricky as you’re cutting the MDF and then fixing it from underneath with self-tappers. Try not to move the MDF whilst fixing as it will nip the bandsaw blade.

The table setup at the current spacing to the fence.

underside of bandsaw table
The two self-tapper fixings that go in from underneath the table and into the MDF
brass sheet on bandsaw table

Now to the actual task: Cutting Brass on a Bandsaw.

The brass sheet is just 0.9mm thick and is being sliced down for the spokes of my traction engine.

brass strips cut on the bandsaw

The clearance around the bandsaw blade is quite small, this helps with thin materials as it gives a lot of support to the material.

cross-cutting brass on bandsaw

Here I’m re-using the MDF at a different distance. Also, I’m now cross-cutting the brass strips.

With the cross-cutting I have an MDF board on top of the other MDF board that I can use as a pusher.

cutting off brass strips on bandsaw
The MDF table allows you to easily add guidelines to the surface.

This is a simple modification to the bandsaw. It adds support around the blade. It removes the step of the plastic insert. It removes the slot under the fence that thin material can slide under.

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