Guide Bearing Failure on BS250

record-bs250-bandsaw-001I went to change the blade on my Record BS250 bandsaw and the lower set of bearings were locked solid, you could just about feel movement if you rocked them back and forth.

I removed the metal shields from the face of the bearings and as you can see they were full of sawdust.

Interestingly all of the guide bearings on the bandsaw are shielded and not sealed. As these bearings are a standard size of 19 x 6 x 6 mm I thought it might be nice to replace these with sealed bearings to see if they work better and last longer.

record-bs250-bandsaw-002In the lower image you can see the two original bearings to the left and without the shield in the background along with a new sealed bearing on the right. The sealed bearing has a soft plastic cover, and being sealed I’m hoping that the sawdust will not get into the bearing itself.

I bought a pack of 10 of these bearings from for £14.23 plus VAT

5 thoughts on “Guide Bearing Failure on BS250”

    • Hi Patrick, sorry, I turned these parts on my lathe for my own machine. Not sure if these sizes are available on eg BearingBoys, if not they might have much better quality bearings. Hope this helps, Nigel

    • Hello Patrick, really sorry, in my head I thought this was about some phosphor bronze bearings I had just made for something else.

      The BS250 guide bearings are 19x6x6 and are available at BearingBoys

      However, I think that sealed bearings are better than shielded bearings for this application as it stops the dust getting into them – BearingBoys Dunlop Sealed Bearings


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