Proxxon MBS 240/e Micro Bandsaw

The Proxxon MBS 240/e Micro Bandsaw is perfect for miniature work and has a small footprint on the workbench. You won’t be cutting through great chunks of wood with this bandsaw, but you will be doing some precision work.


220 – 240V.
Blade speed adjustable from 180 to 330/min.
Throat 150mm, max height 85mm.
Table 200 x 200, tiltable to 458.
One blade 1,065 x 0.4mm, 14TPI is included.


A solid bandsaw that is well made and very sturdy. I tried it with wood and it was easy to use and with the narrow blade would cut around quite tight radii.

proxxon-mbs-240-e-001 proxxon-mbs-240-e-002

As you can see the blade is not very wide which makes it great for cutting tight radii. The only issue is that it is a tad under powered and so struggles with any side load on the blade. This is actually fine as this machine is meant for model making and that means small pieces of material and light precision work.



The speed guide is a good indicator for a starting speed for a material.


Price: approx £212.00 from Axminster Tool Centre.


The Proxxon MBS 240/e Micro Bandsaw is a good bandsaw and I must admit that a bandsaw is one of my favourite all round tools in the workshop.

You can get a larger bandsaw in the DIY shop for about half the price and quite frankly this would be a better purchase. Then with the money left over buy a fretsaw for the intricate work. Trust me, once you’ve used a bandsaw you will struggle to live with a workshop that doesn’t have one.

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