Unimat 3 Circular Saw

A review of the Unimat 3 Circular Saw.

The Emco Unimat 3 had a great circular saw attachment. The real benefit of this was the precision with which you can strip and machine wood for model making purposes.

The only downside is the Unimat 3 motor is a tad underpowered for this type of work and so you do need to take your time or you will stall it. Quite frankly anything thicker than 6mm with hardwoods is just too much for it.

If you fit the saw with a slotting saw, so there is no set on the blade teeth, the finish of the cut is very close to what you can achieve by planing – just great for model furniture etc.

U-Section Machined
U-Section Machined

Here you can see a U-section piece of wood that I machine using the circular saw attachment on the Unimat 3. The image shows the saw having just been used and the pile of saw dust that is dumped over the leadscrew and onto the base of the lathe. This saw can produce very fine wood dust and so I highly recommend using a mask and dust extraction when using this.

Firstly I cut the wood down from a 6mm thick plank into 6mm square pieces.

The I set the guide to give a 1.5mm wide cut and lowered the saw blade to 4.5mm above the table – this is actually done by moving the table upwards on the post.

I then machined the groove firstly down one side of the wood, turned it around and di the other side. I repeated this for the 3 strips of wood that I needed.

I then moved the guard over 0.5mm and repeated the cuts to remove the wood from the centre. Once all of the wood had been removed I finished with some fine sandpaper.

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