Wera Hex Plus Allen Keys

I wanted ball end allen keys, with the Wera Hex Plus allen keys I got even more. Some of the caphead bolts used in the Genmitsu 3018-pro cnc are difficult to access. They are also quite poor quality and so I am replacing lots as I go. However, the ball head feature on the allen keys would allow me to access some of the bolts where a straight allen key has to be shuffled lots of times. Even then it is difficult to get enough torque on the bolt.

Hex-Plus – lets hexagon socket screws last longer. Prevents wear inside hexagon socket screws. Hex-Plus provides larger contact zones in the screw head thus reducing the notching effect to a minimum and protecting the profile. Deformation of the screws is reduced.

Wera Hex-Plus

Let us see if they are as good as they say.

wera hex plus packaging

The packaging is rather smart, feels like I’ve just bought a new iPhone.

OK, they were nearly £30 from ToolStation, but this packaging just feels too glossy and unnecessary. Especially in todays world I would hope for something more recyclable.


  • 1.5 x 90 mm
  • 2 x 101 mm
  • 2.5 x 112 mm
  • 3 x 123 mm
  • 4 x 137 mm
  • 5 x 154 mm
  • 6 x 172 mm
  • 8 x 195 mm
  • 10 x 224 mm

The plastic sleeve on each allen key is designed to improve the grip in cold working conditions. They do feel nice, but also they are easily readable.

Hex Plus

The Hex Plus head is on the plain short end and designed into the ball end. There is a slight concave on the flats of the hexagon. This improves grip and apparently reduces damage to the bolt head. Only time will tell on this.

Wera allen key ends
image quality is a bit poor, taken with a Samsung A71
ball end allen key

The ball end allen key allows you to work at an angle. With this ball shape the angle can be quite steep.

I just measured the angle using my phone and fully engaged I get to 23°, but for low torque levels this works at 30°. That is quite impressive as it increases the access considerably.

The engagement with the main hex feels very solid. The long arm allows you to apply significant torque. However, be careful as some materials and caphead bolts are not so strong.


These Wera Hex Plus allen keys are proper good quality. I bought them for the ball end. However, here is my brief list of features:

  1. Ball end is on the long end of the L-shaped allen key. Great for most difficult access.
  2. Very long allen keys means you can apply quite high torques.
  3. Good secure fitting into caphead bolts. They even appear to grip the rubbish capheads supplied with some machines
  4. Colour coded and labelled makes them easy to find even on my cluttered bench.
  5. Plastic holder is pliable and means I will keep the set together.

Plus I got a free sticker 🙂

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