Fry’s Fluxite Flux Paste

I acquired a very old tin of Fry’s Fluxite flux paste, it must be around 40 years old. Well beyond the 5 year shelf life recommended by the manufacturers. However, I used it and it worked really well, but now makes me wonder how good a fresh tin of it would be?

“Cleanliness is most important for good results”, this is such an important statement for all forms of soldering. Prepare your parts carefully, remove all traces of dirt, corrosion, oil, grease and even finger prints. In the model making world this is really important as parts are so small. I clean with abrasive, I de-grease with a solvent and I then pickle the part before rinsing with clean water,

old soft solder flux

My tin of Fluxite. Still works ok and to me looks ok. You can see how old it is by the layers of dust that have built up around the top rim.

It is a dark brown paste, I use off cuts of wood (or a matchstick) to apply it to the joint.

If you are tinning parts apply a thin layer of flux, this works really well on a hot part and then the smallest amount of solder. It will flow so easily, it is a joy.

Solder Connection

When I checked out the manufacturer it looks like they still exist, just under different ownership: Solder Connection

Solder Connection was established over 30 years ago, supplying Alpha® soldering materials & PCB cleaners to the electronic assembly market in Wales and the South West of England. Since then, the company has expanded, supplying the UK and Irish markets, whilst diversifying its range to include soldering systems, fume extraction, stencils and bespoke tooling.

More recently Solder Connection took over the manufacturing of the Industrial range of solders, paints and fluxes from Frys Metals. Frys Metals was established almost 100 years ago within the print industry in London, supplying low melt solder alloys to the newspaper presses in Fleet Street. They would grow to become the largest manufacturer of Industrial solders & fluxes in the UK and Europe.  Solder Connection have continued to manufacture, preserve and develop products from Frys iconic range whilst attending a variety of Industrial Exhibitions.

Solder Connection – About Us

Examples of Use

Tender with Edge Beading

I’ve been using this old flux for the brass tender construction on my 1/20th scale Burrell.

This solder flux works superbly with a hot air gun and with a normal soldering iron.

I used it for the main body on the tender and for the beading around the top edge. A tricky part that required careful tinning.

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