Glass Alcohol Burner

A review of the simple Glass Alcohol Burner.

alcohol burner with stopper in placeI’ve had this glass methylated spirits burner for around 10 years and I use it regularly when I need to heat a larger than normal part for soldering.

The body and top is made from moulded glass with a ground interface between the two parts.

A very thick cotton wick is located in a ceramic collar that sits in the main glass bottle body.

The only issue I find with this is that it is difficult to refill the container with methylated spirits without spilling it over the side and creating a pool of meths that needs to be cleaned up before lighting the burner.

alcohol burner showing the wick and ground interfaceThe main flame burns blue with a faint orange tinge – the next image shows the burner alight.

The flame is extinguished very easily by placing the glass lid back onto the bottle, the ground fit between the two removes all chance of air getting to the flame and so it goes out very quickly.

There appear to be a number of places that sell versions of this burner with prices varying from around £5-20.

The easiest way to find one is to search for “glass alcohol burner” on google or ebay

The alcohol is readily available from hardware stores, just ask for methylated spirits or meths and normally comes in a plastic screw top bottle and is a pale blue/purple colour – although this colour can disappear over time. Do take care when using this as the flame is nearly invisible and so you can forget it is alight and so catch yourself out – just remember to check that the lid is back on and cool before leaving it unattended.


This is used for high heat soldering where I need a lot of heat and as a continuous flame for when I’m using the propane burner as it allows me to re-light the propane quickly.

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