Laser Oil Can Review

The oil can is such a day to day object in the workshop, but after a couple of years my cheap buy from the internet failed me. I really could not bring myself to fix it as these are not meant to be taken apart. Therefore, I had to buy a new one. This page is my very quick review of the laser oil can that I purchased as a replacement.

This particular Laser Tools oil can was purchased from Halfords. The cost was around £5 for this half litre oil can.

It came in a bag and just needed loading with oil and the nozzle to be fixed to the main body.

This is of the style of the previous oil can, a simple design with little to go wrong.

The nozzle is a flexible tube with a piece of wire down the centre to allow it to be bent into a position.

A small brass ferrule at the end has a taper that allows oil to be delivered to the oil holes on machines.

A pool of oil on the HobbyMat lathe bed. It really is best to take the time at the end of the day to clean and oil the lathe. Concentrate on the leadscrews and guides as these suffer the most from wear and rust.

I wind the saddle to the extremes of the travel. The dirt and debris that has colleced in the thread is removed with a soft cloth.

Then it’s time to apply oil to the main leadscrew. I like to use a reasonably thick car engine oil for this job. Apply the oil and then again wind the leadscrew back and forth. Some of the oil will run out but that’s fine.

I will come back to this simple review of the laser oil can if I find any issues with it, but as I said earlier, it is so simple what could go wrong?

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