Chess Board

I decided to make a small chess set and so needed a chess board. These are quite simple to make and thought I would share the process.

One: cut 18mm wide and 160mm long strips of light and dark wood. You will need 4 off dark strips and 5 off of the light wood strips.

Two: sand the edges and glue all of the strips of wood together edge to edge.

Three: clamp all of the strips together and leave them to dry thoroughly.

I used some offcuts to protect the edges from the clamps and you can see resultant laminate board has dark strips on both sides (5 off dark versus 4 off light).

Four: you need to cut one of the edges accurately at 90° to the laminated boards as this will be your reference to use to cut the planks across the grain.

Five: cut the boards now at 90° using the reference edge against the guide. In my case I’m cutting these 18mm wide.

Six: now glue these resultant planks back together as a staggered set. Take care to align the squares as most likely they won’t be perfect. Again, clamp these and allow to dry thoroughly.

Seven: cut the odd squares off the staggered edges and sand all of the edges. I then glued the board to a piece of 9mm thick plywood.

Eight: sand or machine the surface flat. I don’t have a planar and so bolted the board down to the milling machine and flycut the surface.

That’s it, 8 easy steps to making a chess board. The following video shows these steps sped up.

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