Solenoid Motor of Wood

Maker: Frits Kaan Around 6 months ago Henk Kaan made an improved solenoid motor based on my original design. Then his brother Frits made his version nearly entirely of wood (apart from the flywheel which is brass, with a wooden cover). About the used materials:The ‘dark wooden pieces’ have been made from ‘Padouk’.The ‘light wooden … Read more

Solenoid Tractor Running

Designed as I went along, optimised the solenoid motor and now have the Solenoid Tractor running. The tractor sounds and looks very much like a Field Marshall, the single cylinder engine being replicated by the heavy permanent magnets in the moving piston solenoid. OK, it’s not fully painted, some areas have been left in undercoat. … Read more

Solenoid Tractor Gears

brass gears paired up into a reduction drive set

Solenoid tractor gears or more precisely the connecting of the rotational output from the motor to the wheels. Accomplished using 1.5 mod brass gears machined using the Genmitsu 3018-pro cnc machine. In the first part of this build I made a solenoid that generated 5x the force of the original motor. I then created an … Read more

Solenoid Tractor

Sometimes I have to build something that is different and in my head, this time a solenoid tractor. Firstly I needed to make a more powerful solenoid motor. Solenoid Motor The original model engine, designed to be a take on the horizontal steam engine. The solenoid armature running as a piston through the centre of … Read more

Burrell Eccentric Pushrods

The Burrell eccentric pushrods are rather small, the inside diameter of the strap is just 10mm. This is a 1/20th scale traction engine and so they will be quite small. Two off to give forward and reverse. I made the 2 eccentric straps up from 1.8mm thick brass. I had to mill to this thickness from … Read more

Burrell Conrod

Burrell Conrod

The Burrell conrod has taken some time to get to as I’ve been waiting to fix the boiler location. First part to make up was the big end. As this part is so small I decided to make this from a piece of phosphor bronze and not have an insert. I use an ER25 square … Read more

Heron meets War of the Worlds

Hero Engine

Moving forward to completion with my Heron of Alexandria engine and it has turned into Heron meets War of the Worlds. Pressing the form for the “sphere” and the initial runs were covered in my original post Heron of Alexandria Steam Engine. Since then I spent some time playing with ideas for the stand and … Read more