Burrell Conrod

Burrell Conrod

The Burrell conrod has taken some time to get to as I’ve been waiting to fix the boiler location. First part to make up was the big end. As this part is so small I decided to make this from a piece of phosphor bronze and not have an insert. I use an ER25 square … Read more

Conrod – Single Valve Poppet Engine

cast iron piston and aluminium conrod

My initial thoughts for the conrod for this single valve poppet engine were to make it from mild steel as I could make it thin to make it light, but an aluminium conrod would have a bigger cross-section for a given weight. The conrod, abbreviation of “connecting rod”, connects the piston to the crankshaft. This … Read more

Radiused Connecting Rods

round end of bracket

Radiused connecting rods, the formal way is to use a rotary table and an end mill. If you don’t have a rotary table you can make hardened filing buttons and use these to file a radius on the end of the rod. The way I want to describe here uses the hole through the end … Read more