Twelfth Scale Fire Screen

The twelfth scale fire screen was designed and made by Roy Louis Taylor.

twelfth scale fire screen

This 1/12th scale fire screen has an oak frame with a central screen showing a peacock embossed in pewter. It is 21/8inches high and 19/16inches wide. The frame is constructed from 1/8inch square oak with simple butt joints.

The beauty of this small piece is in it’s simplicity of design and construction. An elegant addition to any 1/12th scale house.

Lots of these wooden framed pewter fire screens were made by Roy Taylor. The pewter was embossed from the rear and then this was stuck to a thin plywood backing using two-part epoxy glue. The epoxy glue was applied to the rear of the pewter and carefully used to fill the embossing. Thus making the embossed picture more robust.

We have four of these left in our own collection and I believe a number were also sold. Hopefully someone somewhere may see this and realise they have a miniature twelfth scale fire screen made by Roy Taylor.

1/12th scale antiques shop

1/12th Scale Antiques Shop

This 1/12th scale antiques shop was made along with all of the contents by Roy Louis Taylor (1929 – 2000). The following video shows me reassembling the shop after a thorough clean of every part of the model. The flap on the letter box has “Letters” etched into the brass and opens for post.

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