1/12th Scale Antiques Shop

This 1/12th scale antiques shop was made along with all of the contents by Roy Louis Taylor (1929 – 2000). The following video shows me reassembling the shop after a thorough clean of every part of the model.

antique shop door

The flap on the letter box has “Letters” etched into the brass and opens for post. The door handle rotates to release the catch.

All in 1/12th scale, this means that someone 6 feet tall in the real world would be 6 inches tall in this model

Grandfather clock

The grandfather clock has a watch movement and keeps perfect time.

Photographs were enlarged and reproduced at 1/12th scale using the same process you would use for the normal size black and white photographs. Again a technique developed by Roy Taylor.

chest of drawers and chair

All of the drawers open and are lined. The top writing desk leaf pulls out. The owl was cast in pewter, painted and captured below the glass dome.

antique shop furniture

The zoetrope has a number of animated scrolls and if you rotate carefully you can see the animation in miniature, watch the youtube video to see this wonderful piece in action. The brass table is engraved, painted and stands on beautiful ebony legs.

miniature fire screens

ThisĀ 1/12th scale fire screen has an oak frame with a central screen showing a peacock embossed in pewter. It is 21/8inches high and 19/16inches wide. The frame is constructed fromĀ 1/8inch square oak with simple butt joints.

miniature paintings from the  1/12th scale antiques shop

The paintings were all done by Roy Taylor in a either oil on board or acrylic. A fine pencil sketch sits in the bottom left corner. More of these beautiful miniatures from this 1/12th scale antiques shop will be examined in our gallery.

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