Moore and Wright T-handle Tap Wrench

The Moore and Wright T-handle tap wrench is one of the simplest of tools. However, it is made more simple by the sheer fact that this model is of such a high quality. The design and manufacture is such that it is a delight to handle.

This is an old design and looking at their website no longer in production.

T-handle Tap wrench in box

I found this in an antiques shop as new old stock. I must admit that at first this was a new Moore & Wright item to me. I haven’t seen this design made by them before.

A little bit of damage to the original box, but otherwise perfect. The packaging has been designed for this item, not just a plastic box with a sticky label.

M&W Tap wrench in box

Inside we have the main body and the bar that forms the T-handle.

There are some slight areas of rust, not major though. The oil paper is not original. So maybe not new old-stock.

However, the grease in the thread is thick and just like it would have been orignally assembled with.

Moore and Wright Tap wrench

Moore and Wright is one of the great names in engineering tool design and manufacture. Gradually I’m collecting and listing all of the tool manufacturer names past and present.

T-handle Tap wrench chuck

I’ve now used this Moore and Wright T-handle tap wrench with an 8BA tapping job and it is superb to handle. A fantastic addition to my tap wrench collection.

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