Enjomor Whippet Head

The Enjomor Whippet head and combustion chamber was worth a look, even before running it. This is a side-valve four-stroke and so I was expecting a simple flattish head design. With the head removed the top of the cylinder can be seen. Now you can see a cylinder liner, brass or bronze valve seats and the flat underside of the valves.

The two part cylinder head is fixed through into the block with 7 caphead bolts.

Enjomor block and cylinder head
Enjomor Whippet cylinder and valves

This shows the 7 bolts securing the head to the block. The water channels have been thought about carefully as they sit close to the bolt holes. Hopefully ensuring a good seal.

Enjomor Whippet Cylinder head

The two parts of the cylinder head. Showing the underside of the cover with the copper gasket still attached.

The lower part has the recess for the cooling gallery and the water cooling port at the front.

I expected a simple oblong / rounded oblong shape in the head for the valves and plug to form the compressed space.

Enjomor Whippet head

However, what we have is a circle over the top of the piston overlapped with a “heart” shape. Very cool, but does make the copper gasket a more complex shape.

Enjomor block head

Enjomor Whippet

Unpacking the Enjomor Whippet

A parcel arrived from StirlingKit yesterday and I had to just calmly wait until this afternoon before unpacking the Enjomor Whippet.

Must state that this is a Paid Promotion as this is a gift from the StirlingKit team for me to review.

stirling kit whippet

Modern take on ET Westbury’s Whippet

Designed in 1963, Westbury thought that the Whippet would “set new standards for stamina, sprightliness and startability”. Conceived to power model boats. The 10cc Whippet is a single cylinder 4-stroke petrol side valve engine.

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