Model Diesel Engine Fuel

I’m used to the old diesel engines of years ago and I can still smell the fuel.

Got me wondering what the model diesel fuel consists of, so thought I would do some searching:

  • Enya suggested fuel for their diesel 4-stroke: 36% paraffin and 36% ether and 25% castor oil and with a 2 to 3 % splash of Amyl Nitrate
  • Model Technics:
    • 35% Ether, 35% Kerosene, 28% Castor oil, 2% Isopropyl Nitrate – this is a general purpose fuel
    • 30% Ether, 47.5% Kerosene, 20% Castor oil, 2.5% Isopropyl Nitrate – this is a high performance fuel

What you see from this brief list of fuels are four main components:

  1. Kerosene – the base fuel component of the mix
  2. Ether – low auto-ignition temperature of around 160°C
  3. Castor oil – the lubricant that you need to keep the engine operational
  4. Isopropyl Nitrate – ignition improver

I’m going to have to add to this thread as lots of discussion on “etherless” model diesel engine fuels.


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