Engine Mount Brackets

When we’re mounting an engine either on isolating mounts or solid into a structure it is really important to consider the design of the brackets. If these brackets have any low frequency stiffness concerns then these are likely to be excited by the engine at some point through it’s speed range.

There are ten fundamental things to remember for better bracket design to achieve higher dynamic stiffness:

  1. Spread the fixings
  2. Second moment of area @ root
  3. Short bracket lengths
  4. Strength of material/mass/unit volume
  5. Symmetrical sections – to minimise shear centre offset
  6. Single function brackets – where possible.
  7. Straight sections/webs – minimise shear centre offset.
  8. Shear loading of panels – where possible
  9. Spatial position on powerunit – optimise for low vibration.
  10. Size of fixings – maximise

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