Upgrades to a 3018-PRO

Upgrade to a 3018-pro have gone so far that I feel like it is a bit like Trigger’s Broom. Therefore, I thought I would try and list the modifications. I think I have listed all of the upgrades on the above image. However, some changes are subtle and I may have missed them. A more … Read more

Particle Damping

sand bags

Having used particle damping in the column of the milling machine and on the workpiece of the cnc it was time to look at it in detail. Particle damping works based on impact and friction, depending on the size of the particles this can be one or millions. Studies show that most of the energy … Read more

Engine Mount Brackets

crankcase and engine bracket

When we’re mounting an engine either on isolating mounts or solid into a structure it is really important to consider the design of the brackets. If these brackets have any low frequency stiffness concerns then these are likely to be excited by the engine at some point through it’s speed range. There are ten fundamental … Read more

Sound Pressure Level

airbus a400

When we measure noise level we normally measure the sound pressure level and express the result as something like 85dB(A) dB is an abbreviation of decibel – the sound pressure scale is vast and so we take the logarithm of the measurement to make the numbers easier to handle A is an abbreviation for A-weighting … Read more