A Weighting Sound

A weighting sound is the most generally used filter when making overall noise measurements. The attenuation of the sound signal with an A-weighted filter corresponds to the fact that the human ear is not as sensitive to sound of the lower frequencies as it is at the higher frequencies. The A-Weighted Sound Level is a … Read more

Propagation of Sound

The propagation of sound and the attenuation of sound in air. At distances large compared to the size of the source, sound intensity diminishes according to the inverse square law. This is relatively simple to reliably calculate, provided the source is small and outdoors where no echoes occur. In a reverberant sound field the calculation … Read more

Sound Pressure Level

airbus a400

When we measure noise level we normally measure the sound pressure level and express the result as something like 85dB(A) dB is an abbreviation of decibel – the sound pressure scale is vast and so we take the logarithm of the measurement to make the numbers easier to handle A is an abbreviation for A-weighting … Read more