Model Stationary Engines

I just had to have a page listing the model stationary engines from around the web. So I thought I would list the kits, castings, plans etc. Some of these are scale models, some are just interesting models of stationary engines. This is all engines that run on gas, diesel or petrol.

Hit Miss Horizontal Single Cylinder

Farm Boy

A bar stock based design that doesn’t need castings.

  • Bore: 1″ (25.4mm)
  • Stroke: 1-3/8″ (34.9mm)
  • Flywheel Diameter: 6″ (152.4mm)
  • Length: 10.75″ (273mm)
  • Height: 6″ (152.4mm)
  • Width: 6.9″ (175mm)

Website: JE Howell where you can purchase plans of this great looking engine. Ignition systems are also availble.


Bengsmodellbau make a lovely hit and miss 4-stroke stationary engine named Karl.

  • Height with wooden runners: 192mm
  • Overall length: 440mm
  • Width overall: 180mm
  • Length without skids and wooden box: 283mm
  • Dia. Piston: 25mm
  • Flywheel Dia.: 140mm
  • Speed: 600-1500 rpm

Website: the shop is here: Bengsmodellbau and a blog showing the construction of the engine.

Kerzel Hit and Miss

  • Bore 0.75 inch
  • Stroke 0.80 inch
  • Twin flywheels 3.5 inch diameter

Website: Free plans, build notes and lots of photos on the

Plunkett Junior

Machined mostly from brass this is a good looking horizontal engine. This is a 1/2 scale model of the 1/2 H.P. Plunket Jr. engine manufactured by the J.E. Plunket Company of Chicago, Illinois around 1909.

  • Flywheel Dia.: 5″
  • Bore: 1″
  • Stroke: 1-1/2″
  • Overall Length: 10-1/2″

Website: Plunkett Jr by JE Howell


Another bar-stock design by Jerry Howell. This is a more modern open looking horizontal single cylinder engine.

  • Flywheel Dia.: 4.7″
  • Bore: 1″
  • Stroke: 1-1/2″
  • Idles at 500rpm and revs to 1800rpm
  • Overall Length: 11-1/4″
  • Height: 5″

Website: Powerhouse plans

Red Wing Motor

This is available in water-cooled and air-cooled versions.

  • Bore 1-1/4″
  • Stroke 2″
  • Gasoline Engine
  • 14-1/2″ engine length
  • 9-1/2″ width
  • 9″ engine height
  • 8-1/4″ flywheel dia.

Website: castings and plans available for both engines from PM research

Wyvern by ET Westbury

ET Westbury is one of the most famous model engineers of all time and his designs from the early 1900’s are still great today. This good sized single cylinder engine.

  • Bore x Stroke = Ø1¼” x 2″ giving 40cc
  • running speed 1,500 – 2,000rpm
  • wicked oil cup lubrication
  • water cooled cylinder
  • overall measures 12″ x 8″ x 6″ wide
  • Twin 6½” iron flywheels

Website: plans and castings are available from Hemingway Kits

Single Cylinder

Single cylinder vertical stationary engines with the traditional form of the cylinder head at the top and the crankshaft low down on the engine.


A traditional vertical engine, designed to run water pumps or a small generator.

  • Flywheel Dia.: 3.125″
  • Bore: 1″
  • Stroke: 1.250″
  • Engine Height: 6.85″ 
  • Fuel: Propane gas

Website: Bill by JE Howell

Vertical Single Cylinder

This covers the pre-1900 engines where the crank was arranged above the cylinder.


This is an impressively big engine.

  • Height: 430mm
  • Thrust Gusssockel (cylinder head): 195mm
  • Diameter of flywheel: 290mm
  • Diameter of piston: 40mm
  • Piston stroke: 60mm
  • Weight with wooden base: 20kg

Website: the shop is here: Bengsmodellbau and a blog showing the construction of the engine.

I know that I will have missed a lot of engines and so I would love to hear from you. If you are a company selling kits or an individual who has built a model please drop me a line:

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