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I saw someone on the BBC Repair Shop using a pair of parallel pliers, so I did some searching and saw these Maun Industries Smooth Parallel Pliers. Made in the UK and you can buy them direct from the manufacturer Maun Industries Ltd. As a hobby model maker I had not heard of this company before, so just had to buy a pair and give them a go.

parallel pliers

making pliers since 1944. But not ordinary pliers. We make pliers with a unique feature – the jaws always move in parallel.

factory in Nottinghamshire, near Sherwood Forest. Here, we have a skilled team of engineers, machinists and assemblers. The longest serving joined Maun before Neil Armstrong landed on the Moon. On average they have 25 years’ plier-making experience.

Every day, they transform high grade steels into innovative, problem-solving pliers. Pliers that are trusted to do the job, precision-made, durable, yet affordable.

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The first impression is that these pliers feel loose, as in the joints have quite a lot of play. However, once you start using them you very rapidly realise just how much force they can apply. Also, the parallel jaws come together perfectly.

parallel pliers straighten edge of metal

If you cut thin material with shears the edges tend to curl. At the corners this curling gets more exaggerated. Normally I would use the vice to flatten the material back out, but this can just further damage the material as it is difficult to judge the amount of force being applied.

This is where these Maun Industries Smooth Parallel Pliers come into their own, you can feel the force being applied. You can rapidly go around the workpiece and apply the straightening effect of the parallel pliers.

maun industries parallel pliers

These pliers have been laying around on the workbench now for a week, this is because I’m using them every day and don’t want to put them away. They are fantastic for working with thin metal and so great for model making and fine engineering. Hence they will remain on the workbench.

Maun Industries make lots of other types of pliers including wire cutters and hole punches. I think it’s time to try a few of their pliers out.

These pliers are available in a number of sizes, jaw types etc.

I find the smooth jaw pliers perfect for working with thin sheet metal.

I even gave a pair of these away to someone who also does model making and then immediately had to go and buy another pair.

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  1. Hi there!

    I have just come across your review for our Parallel Action Pliers…thank you so much for your excellent words, we couldn’t agree more!

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    If we can ever be of any assistance at all please do let us know!

    • Hi, Thanks. I have to say that these pliers on on my workbench all the time as they are perfect for straightening out thin sheet metal. I will have a look at your website again. Best regards, Nigel


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