Genmitsu 3018 CNC Software

Learning here as I go along, but thought it would be worth sharing some tips from the Genmitsu 3018 CNC software experience so far. I bought a Sain Smart Genmitsu 3018-Pro router just over a week ago. Great fun to build and it explains the basics of the software setup, the machine came with GRBL. This allows you to drive it from a USB port and send it a simple script of X, Y and Z positions along with spindle speed.

G Code

The GRBL code is great, but you can only machine so many test cases before it gets boring. So you need something that can generate G Code. This is where I found I was having to learn a lot of new terminology just to get started with the basics (I’m writing a page around CNC terminology so that I can share my learnings).

Carbide Create

A fellow Instagram’er recommended this package to me and must admit that it’s rather good. It’s free, works very well, allows you to make simple geometric designs, lettering using fonts on the PC and predicts machining time.

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  1. I bought the Genmitsu CNC 380; in fact it hasn’t arrived yet, should be here later today. I bought this machine simply so many people’s, Recommendations. Now that I’ve starting to read up on it, and looking for free software I find myself second guessing myself and wondering why I didn’t research all these things before I pushed the purchase button. I should say I don’t know the first thing about what I’m doing with CNC router. I’m in hopes someone will see this and enlighten me, take me understand what I’m in for in simple everyday language. So Please I need help so I can get out of the doghouse and back in my shop.

    • It’s a good machine to learn on, but it is very limited and I’ve found that so many aspects of it are very limited by the design. However, you will learn some of the basics of Gcode and setting up and engraver.


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