Seekone Heat Gun Review

Initial Seekone heat gun review looking at what comes in the package, specification and initial switch on and testing.

soldering with a hot air gun

My Black & Decker hot air gun finally gave up after 27 years. Over that time it has been used in a number of house renovations and for soft soldering.

The heat gun soft soldering for larger items was new to me, but has significantly improved my ability to solder these larger items.

Hence I went looking for a new hot air gun and after looking around at various makes and suppliers I came across the Seekone. This offered a variable temperature range and a good set of nozzles. The nozzles were important to me as I want to develop further the soft soldering technique.

Seekone Heavy Duty Heat Gun

The Seekone hot air gun is described as Heavy Duty and High Performance. It is also stated that this is an Industrial Heat Gun, time will tell on how it stands up to this.

  • Designed with a built-in stand.
  • Remove paint and varnish.
  • Useful for a variety of redecorating applications.

The website for the product is here: the company listed on the manual is more difficult to actually locate.

Seekone Heat Gun in the box


  • 2000W, 220V, 50Hz
  • Adjustable temperature from 50°C to 600°C
  • 2 fan speeds: Low = 190 to 210 litre/minute, High = 250 to 500 litre/minute
  • Weight 0.67kg
  • Cord length 1.6m

The fan speed I and II also changes the temperature limits.

  1. Fan speed I: 50° to 450°C and 190 to 210 litre/minute.
  2. Fan speed II: 50° to 600°C and 250 to 500 litre/minute.

The plastic mouldings and


Seekone accessories

The nozzles are important to me as I want to be able to concentrate the heat. Hence one of the reasons I selected this heat gun as it comes with a number of nozzles and accessories:

  • Reflector Nozzle: designed to deflect the hot air around the workpiece. Ideal for defrosting pipes, soldering pipework, bending plastics (including pipes) and for shrinking electrical tubing.
  • Deflector Nozzle: wide and designed for paint stripping.
  • Large and Small Concentrator Nozzles: designed to concentrate the heat flow. I think ideal for soldering.
  • Glass Protection Nozzle: focusses the hot air a bit and allows you to paint strip closer to glass.
  • Scrapers: two types of paint scraper. These actually feel like reasonably made items. A nice addition.
heat gun stand

The heat gun has a built-in stand. This is enabled using the large flat area of the temperature dial and a wire clip that flips down on the handle.

This is OK, but doesn’t feel substantial. My concern is it could get pulled over by the weight of the mains cable. I will try this and see how well it works.


Overall with my first impressions on unpacking, looking at the part quality and just switching it on are good. It feels well made and has a good set of specifications. I would like the temperature control to have defined temperatures, but I assume this doesn’t have a temperature feedback. Open loop control will depend on ambient conditions, age of the heat gun etc and so I assume this means it is only a plus/minus control.

Whether it can completely live up to the statement that it is an “Industrial Heat Gun” we will see with time. I will add to the review as I test it in different scenarios. So, off to the workshop to try it out.

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  1. The nozzles I.e most, are a hard fit. Do you have to push hard down covering the little cut outs in the nozzles or just push on to a reasonable fit so they don’t come off and feel quite tight


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