What Size Should a Book Nook be?

Someone pointed out the book nooks that are all over instagram and they sparked my imagination, this got me thinking I needed to make one and then got me wondering what size should a book nook be?

After measuring some books on the shelves I’ve gone for a size of 8″ x 5″ x 2″ in metric this is roughly 200 x 125 x 50mm.

book nook


I chose to make the first ones out of 9mm MDF. This might be too thick, but for my first go I thought this was a reasonable start.

The width of the space is 1.25″ or roughly 32mm.

Looking at this now 6mm MDF would be better for the sides as it would give more space overall.

As you can see one side of the box can be removed, this is fixed with three countersunk screws.

book nook fixings
just three countersunk screws hold the removable side in place

I pre-drilled the holes for the fixings to reduce the likelihood of splitting the MDF. After drilling and fixing I removed the screws and dribbled some instant glue into the holes to reinforce them. Just remember to let the glue set thoroughly before threading the screws in again.

machining a hinge into MDF


For the next one the challenge was laid down to make it look more like a book and hinge the panel.

I machined the depth for the hinges into the main body. The machining was done using a tungsten burr and a small pillar drill.

The hinged book nook is rather lovely and means it will be easier to remove and look inside at the detail. The final part I need to look at it how to fit a perspex cover over the open area to reduce dust. This might remove some of the charm of the book nook, but will give it a longer life.

Feels like I have the answer to “What Size Should a Book Nook be?”, just need to finally prove that by making one up.

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