Prometheus Kiln Handle

Prometheus kiln handle designed and made by Alan at Woody’s Workshop. The Prometheus kilns are quite small and a reasonable weight at just under 6kg. But they can still be awkward to move around. In my small workshop I find myself keeping the kiln in it’s original packaging when not in use. Thus protecting it from knocks and from the dust.

Alan’s solution to this is a simple aluminium handle. This simple design would work for the programmable (Prometheus PRO-1) and non-program versions of the kiln.

kiln handle end plate

I fitted a handle to mine as it is in and out of the box between uses.

I took the bottom off to let any swarf drop out and then drilled and tapped two M4 screws into the case side wall. A blast of air cleared any residual bits. The handle is just ally rod and the side plates are ally also.

Because the side wall material is so thin, all screws were bonded in place with Loctite.

Totally overengineered (as usual) but it does make life easier lugging the oven about.

Prometheus Kiln Handle

The Prometheus kiln handle is a great simple addition to this product. Check out Alan’s great workshop and builds at Woody’s Workshop.

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