Stops for the Sieg SX2.7

Really simple mechanical Stops for the Sieg SX2.7 milling machine. Sometimes on a manual milling machine it is useful to travel to a hard stop on the main axis. This allows you to create a simple repeat of an operation such as machining a grill pattern where the grooves all start and stop at the same point.

One way to achieve this is to use an engineering clamp on the table that limits the table travel.

engineering clamp as stop on sieg sx2.7
Engineering clamp used to limit the table travel.
sieg SX2.7 milling machine

The Sieg SX2.7 table has a useful feature of a T-slot in the font edge of the table. I don’t have an obvious use for this for fixing parts. Although with the right bracket it could add some serious support.

One issue I did find was that this T-slot had quite a lot of dirt and oil in it, a collection point. I simple clean with a rag was all that was required.

Also, you can see 2 small holes in the apron casting. These had already been threaded M4 x 0.75mm and they are 24mm between centres.

fixed table stop

The fixed part of this stop is very easy to machine from 1/4″ thick mild steel. This is 32mm x 50mm overall. The upright finger is 12mm wide.

The two 4mm holes are 24mm between centres.

The upright finger reacts against the movable stops, but also has to clear the ruler that is fixed to the edge of the table. Hence there is a 0.75mm recess.

The T-nuts are round in this instance, this does mean they can rotate. However, I found that they actually work very well if you pull the head of the caphead bolt to get them initially finger tight.

mechanical stop parts for Sieg SX2.7
All of the parts for the mechanical stop.

In use I find it best to move the table to the position you want the hard stop and then back off that position slightly. Then lightly tighten one of the stops at this point. Then move the table again to the hard stop point and tighten the stop button.

Sieg SX2.7 table stops
Table stop mechanism fitted to the Sieg SX2.7

Overall these Stops for the Sieg SX2.7 milling machine work rather well. However, I do need to find time to fit a DRO.

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