Sanding Blocks

An article about sanding blocks feels like nonsense until you realise just how useful they are.

The cork block is the starting point and one of the must have items in any toolbox.

The next video is my contribution to #tipblitz19

This idea can then be taken further. Here I’ve made a mandrel up out of a piece of M8 stud and a piece of hardwood.

The stub is threaded into the hardwood and a nut each side secures the block. One secure I then machined the outer surface of the wood.

Using impact adhesive applied to the back of the sandpaper and to the drum I secured the sandpaper.

You can remove the excess sandpaper once the glue has set with a sharp scalpel.

The drum sander is now ready to go.

I’ve been using this drum sander in my small Emco Pillar Drill.

This does create a lot of dust and so best to use a mask and some form of dust extractor.

I made the drum sander to create the curved form on this rocker.

The result is superb as it removes material very effectively.

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