Abrasive, Diamond, Emery and Sandpaper

Abrasive, Diamond, Emery and Sandpaper. There are lots of different types and forms of abrasives that we use in engineering and model engineering.

A very hard, brittle, heat-resistant substance that is used to grind the edges or rough surfaces of an object. Boron carbide, diamond, and corundum are abrasives.

Natural Abrasives

  • sandstone
  • emery
  • corundum
  • diamonds

Artificial Abrasives

  • silicon carbide
  • aluminium oxide

Used in different grades (particle size) to achieve different levels of surface finish.

diamond stone

Diamond Stone/Pad – I use these diamond pads to create the final edge on a lathe tool. Diamond is also the best way to create a fine sharp point on a tungsten carbide scribe.

Emery Cloth – an abrasive with a tough cloth backing, this allows it to be used on metal surfaces.

Sanding Blocks – if you use something to wrap the sandpaper around you will be able to sand edges and maintain a straight edge. Also, the sandpaper will last longer.

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