Les Chenery

Whilst walking around the Shuttleworth Collection I came across a display cabinet with a number of engines built by Les Chenery. The I thought I just have to add a post and share the images of these wonderful working model engines. Details of how you can still get drawings for these models are available on the model engineering website (modelengineeringwebsite.com/).

Anzani 3 Cylinder Radial

Anzani 3 Cylinder Radial
Anzani 3 Cylinder

This lovely 3-cylinder model has been made by Mick Cherry and features on this site.

Bentley BR2 Rotary (1/6th Scale)

Bentley BR2
Rotary Engine at 1/6th Scale

Gnome 9 Cylinder Rotary (1/5th Scale)

Gnome 9 Cylinder Rotary

Gnome 14 Cylinder Rotary (1/5th Scale)

Gnome 14 Cylinder Rotary
gnome 14 cylinder rotary
Gnome 14 Cylinder Rotary

Le Rhone 9 Cylinder Rotary (1/5th Scale)

le Rhone 9 cylinder Rotary
1/5 scale Le Rhone Rotary
le Rhone 9 cylinder Rotary
Detail in the rockers and inlet copper pipes

If you have made one of these engines and would like to feature it on these pages then please drop me a line, best regards, Nigel

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