Brass Sheet Price Variation

Just been looking for materials to make a project and was concerned by the variation in the price of brass sheet, hence thought I would do some calculations.

The main calculation was to work out the volume, then work out the weight so that I could then calculate the £/kg column. This then allowed me to compare various size and thickness of CZ108 brass sheet.

brass sheet metal comparison

The scrap value of brass is ~£3500/tonne and so ~£3.50/kg (July 2022). These prices for brass sheet are 6x to 20x the scrap value.

  1. – quite an interesting selection of materials and surface finishes. More for the design world than engineering perhaps, but the best prices for small pieces of brass sheet.
  2. College Engineering Supply – properly geared up to supply the model engineering world.
  3. EKP Supplies – a great range of materials and fixings. One of my go to places. The place for small nuts and bolts.
  4. Noggin End Metals – another great supplier to the model engineering world.

This has helped me sort out the price variations and narrow down who I will go to.

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