Forming Copper over MDF

forming copper over MDF

We needed to hide the old radiator pipes and one idea was to make copper covers. As I only needed two covers I didn’t want to spend much time engineering the former. Hence forming copper over MDF. Maybe more accurately into MDF. Changing the radiators in the house left the old 1/4″ pipes poking through … Read more

Thermal Conductivity of Wood

thermal insulation of a boiler

In model making and engineering we use wood as a thermal barrier, hence it is good to understand the thermal conductivity of wood. A typical example is in the insulation of a boiler. The thermal conductivity of wood is affected by: density moisture content grain direction structural irregularities temperature Density Plotting the thermal conductivity across … Read more

Where is the Glue

where is the glue?

Where is the glue? Perhaps it should be what glue do I need for this to that material. Or even where is the glue in as the keyword is a small feature. There is actually a page on specifically about glues, but it appears under materials. This is not a bad start, but … Read more

Enamel Glue for Steel

WG Ball enamel onto steel

The WG Ball wet process enamel steel ground coat is quite frankly “Enamel Glue for Steel”. This is a metal oxide based primer that you can mix with water and either spray, dip or paint onto steel. This is then fired at 800°C-820°C. 250g of this costs approximately £13.50 (July 2021) from CooksonGold. A previous … Read more

Matt Black Coal Paint

coal paint

I was looking for a high temperature paint for my small vertical boiler. It need to be suitable for the firebox and hence work at high temperatures. I wandered into my small local hardware store and saw matt black coal paint. It was just £3.99, worth a go if nothing else. It wasn’t until after I … Read more

Bronze Alloy

glanze tools and phosphor bronze

Bronze alloy is a yellow to yellow-brown alloy that contains mostly copper and tin. However, the name is now applied to other alloys that do not contain tin. Bronze was developed in Mesopotania around 2500BC. Bronze is ductile, resistant to salt water, has a hard low friction surface and does not generate sparks when hit. … Read more

Brittle Greenhouse Polythene

greenhouse polythene cracking

When I built my dome greenhouse earlier this year I took my time reading about coverings, so how did I end up with brittle greenhouse polythene? The greenhouse covering looked rather good when it was first complete. I had bought Allplas 500 polythene, recommended for small greenhouses and UV resistant. Clear Polythene sheeting 2m wide … Read more