Enamel Glue for Steel

WG Ball enamel onto steel

The WG Ball wet process enamel steel ground coat is quite frankly “Enamel Glue for Steel”. This is a metal oxide based primer that you can mix with water and either spray, dip or paint onto steel. This is then fired at 800°C-820°C. 250g of this costs approximately £13.50 (July 2021) from CooksonGold. A previous … Read more

Enameling onto Steel

enamel glue-it.com sign

Enameling onto steel appears to be a sensible idea based on the fact that antique enamel signs were on steel. How hard can it be? The first task was to make a mask. I did this using the Sainsmart Genmitsu 3018-pro. This was designed using Carbide 3D and machined using a 1.2mm diameter slot drill. … Read more

Something Totally Different

enamelled buttons

Sometimes I just have to do something totally different. Not sure if it is because I’m stuck in a groove or just bored. Something though kicks in, I get an idea and I just need to try it. The thing is it absolutely drives me. Creative Process Normally, what I’m creating in my head is … Read more